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Brian Spector
The Genesis Genes
The Genesis Genes is a remarkable work of fiction by first-time author Brian Spector, MD. Over a decade ago, inspired by a thought-provoking conversation with a cherished friend, Brian embarked on a literary journey to explore the intriguing concept that "God is in our genes." This captivating narrative weaves together science, astrology, and spirituality, guided by Professor David Touster, an ambitious geneticist. In his pursuit to uncover the divine secrets hidden within our DNA, Professor Touster’s story unfolds against a backdrop of timeless significance. The Genesis Genes is the realization of a dream, born from a simple yet profound idea that the intersection of science and spirituality is fertile ground for a compelling novel. Brian Spector, MD invites you to delve into this thought-provoking exploration and experience a story that will challenge your beliefs, entertain your imagination, and inspire contemplation about the mysteries of human existence.
Genius geneticist and Vanderbilt professor David Touster is thrust into a high-stakes mission to thwart a global threat in this gripping debut, as Spector fuses science, religion, and astrology into a genre-bending narrative. Fifteen years earlier, four children were kidnapped for their unique genetic abilities, and now the FBI has come knocking—seeking David’s expertise to track the kidnapper’s clues, after an anonymous tip sets off sparks in the agency. As David oscillates between his professional priorities and a sense of civic duty, he discovers a harrowing truth: the FBI is pursuing an elite band of teenage geniuses, and they’re certain the teens have been weaponized as a threat to national security.

Spector crafts a world in peril, beset by nanobots in the bloodstreams of political leaders (altering gene expression and affecting their decision making), a terror group named LMNOP who purportedly possesses stolen nuclear weapons, and powerful nations warring against each other. Against this looming apocalypse is a lighthearted subplot of romance between culturally diverse characters, complicated by conflicting spiritual beliefs, that transforms what might be perceived as heavy science into intriguing subject matter through their vibrant discussions. While David is convinced that “God coded Himself into our genes,” his love interest, Ayla, believes in cosmic divinity, asserting the universe itself is God, while Kirby, David's student of Apache descent, believes in lesser gods, which puts him at odds with his love interest, Amber, who remains strictly Catholic.

While occasional scientific jargon may prove daunting to readers unfamiliar with genetic terminology, the message remains intact: unifying belief systems and eliminating deeply rooted prejudices may be the key to saving the world. With this in mind, Spector extrapolates the far-reaching breadth of advanced genetics and its moral implications, probing a world where humanity is both predator and prey, teetering on the edge of extinction.

Takeaway: Innovative kidnapping mystery blending science and spirituality.

Comparable Titles: A.G. Riddle's The Atlantis Gene, Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A